We connect community, youth, and Alexandria’s maritime heritage.

At the Alexandria Seaport Foundation, we know that connections make a community strong and resilient. We offer a variety of ways for individuals and organizations to join in our opportunities, and we welcome you to join us!

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Saturday October 12, 2019

Save the Date

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Hear from Our Volunteers


Jay Creech

Volunteer (10+ years)

“Everyone who participates in the Seaport Foundation, whether as a tutor, a craftsman, a mariner, or a novice, will witness a young person changing their life by growing and maturing in just a few months. At the same time, everyone—both teacher and student—is improving their personal skills through the challenge of creating a custom-built water craft.

I volunteer because the Seaport Foundation provides an environment for personal growth, maturity, and education for people of all ages. Utilizing the heritage of maritime Alexandria, individuals experience historic on-the-water rowing and sailing; participate in boat building; teach and learn wood working; and enhance their mathematical and language skills. The personal satisfaction of watching an Apprentice gain self-confidence while learning a skill and completing an assignment is all it takes for me.”

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Suzanne Mead


“To me, the Seaport Foundation means hope and second chances. The apprentices I’ve worked with seem eager and hopeful to embrace changes that improve their lives. They have a second chance to learn time management, discipline, to study for their GED, and of course, learn a trade.

My life is definitely enriched through my volunteering with the Seaport Foundation. Compared to my thirty-year career teaching elementary school children, tutoring these young adults is a challenge for me. I would encourage others to be involved with ASF, because it’s a wonderful way to give back to the community. Our experience and skills definitely benefit the apprentices. In addition, we can be positive role models, which some of them greatly need.”

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Brent Bovell


“I recently retired from the City of Alexandria as a Shop Foreman of 30 years. I’m age 53 and knew that I still had a lot of energy left and wanted to channel some of that into volunteering, and I wanted to learn some new skills that involved working with wood. While out eating dinner one night with my wife I googled and it brought up the Seaport Foundation. I then sent an email to Jay and he reached out to me.

I’ve only been involved with the Seaport Foundation for a short time. I’m very impressed with how the volunteers are so helpful with each other, and it feels like a team. Everyone is so quick to respond to helping each other, and I love that feeling. I also enjoy communicating with the young people. They all have interesting stories, and I feel very privileged to be able to share some of my life skills to enhance their lives.

I’ve shared what I’m doing with several of my peers and how fortunate I am to have found the Apprentice Program. After joining, it was a matter of weeks when Dave presented me with my Seaport Foundation T-shirt and jersey to ensure that I felt like a part of the Seaport Foundation team.”

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Fred Geiger

Volunteer (10+ years)

“I first came to the ASF a little over ten years ago following my retirement as a federal narcotics agent. I primarily came to seek advice regarding the construction of a boat that I was building. I soon discovered that the mission of the Foundation was one of community service—of helping young with real life preparation through boat building and woodworking experience. I decided to ‘try-out’ volunteering not knowing how successful it would be. Well, it’s been ten years and they have been among the most rewarding years of my life. The Alexandria Seaport Foundation changes lives in big ways, and everyone has something they can offer to help.”