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The Apprentice Program is designed for youth aged 18-23 who are eager to find a new path. We use the crafts of woodworking and traditional boatbuilding to teach job skills and positive habits that our youth need for success in both their work and personal life. Apprentices work alongside carpenters, boat builders, and volunteer mentors who teach and challenge them each day.

The young people we serve need support to create a good life. Many have had issues with law enforcement, some have not succeeded in school, and many may suffer from anxiety or depression. All of our young people need a nurturing environment to learn, grow, gain confidence, and build a path toward self-sufficiency and success. Seaport’s three-phase curriculum, adult mentoring, community support, and career exploration give our Apprentices the positive environment they need.

The Apprentice Program is enriched through community volunteers.

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Apprentice Program Curriculum

The Apprentice Program provides a structured curriculum with teachers and mentors who provide an individual learning experience for each apprentice. Our staff and volunteers provide support, personalized learning, mentorship, and skills these young people need to grasp hope, transform their lives, get job-ready, and become the citizens Alexandria and our region need for a bright future.

Through the program, apprentices learn:

Carpentry and Woodworking
Tool and shop safety, reading and following a plan, completing a project from beginning to end, following directions of an instructor.

Applied Math Skills
Measurement, fractions, division, multiplication, estimation

Job Skills
Critical thinking, team work, questioning and learning from supervisors

Personal Skills
Being on time, communicating effectively, speaking with confidence, working with diverse people, building a positive attitude

GED Preparation
Tutoring and GED test preparation in all four subject areas for Apprentices who enter without a high school diploma

Personal Finance and Budgeting
Understanding your paycheck, how to create and maintaining a budget, making smart financial choices, saving for the short term and the future.

Career Exploration and Interviewing
Exploring job interests, opportunities, and aptitudes; learning how to navigate the job application process and communicating with employers; writing and updating a resume; practicing interview skills.

Life Skills
How to navigate government, health and social service systems; how to be responsible for yourself, your decisions, and your family.

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Apprentice Program Structure

The Apprentice Program is six to nine months in duration, depending on individual apprentice needs, and includes the following steps:

  • A four-week trial period where apprentices are introduced to woodworking and the curriculum.
  • Acceptance into the full apprenticeship program with a three-phase curriculum focused on technical and workforce skills.
  • One-on-one mentoring and life skills coaching.
  • Guidance in resume writing, career research, and interviewing
  • Connection to job opportunities in the construction industry, boating industry, and local Alexandria businesses.

Apprentices are paid a stipend during the trial period and are paid hourly once accepted into the program.

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Apprentice Program Application

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