Bevin’s Skiff

About the Bevin’s Skiff

The Bevin’s Skiff is a small, traditional rowing or sailing boat that is easy to build and use. Our plans provide an enjoyable first-time boatbuilding experience.

The finished Bevin’s Skiff is 11’8” long, weighs 120 lbs, and has a capacity of 460 lbs and limitless fun!

Are you ready to build your own Bevin’s Skiff?

The Seaport Foundation has your plans! You can purchase plans for either the Bevin rowing skiff or Bevin sailing skiff for $50 plus $6 for shipping. Your purchase gives you the rights to build two boats. If you wish to build more than two boats, you are asked to pay a royalty fee of $10 per additional boat.

To place an order, please email or call 703-778-0977.

Download the Bevin’s Skiff Construction Guide here:

Download the Bevin’s Skiff Materials List here:

Note: At this time, the Seaport Foundation is not selling Bevin’s Skiff kits.