We nurture resilience. We build community.

The Alexandria Seaport Foundation serves 16-22 year-olds who need a new start. We provide a safe haven where youth can learn career and life skills through one-on-one mentoring, personalized instruction, and project-based learning.

Through our Apprentice Program, we lead youth through a three-tier curriculum that teaches them the crafts of woodworking and boat construction; the soft skills of resilience, problem solving, and communications; and the life skills of relationships, self-care, and empathy necessary for them to become resilient and productive adults and assets to their community.

The Seaport Foundation’s important work takes place at the McIlhenny Seaport Center, our iconic floating building on Old Town Alexandria’s waterfront. This location serves as a beacon to the community reflecting the work of the Foundation, and a soothing, beautiful environment in which apprentices can learn, heal, and look toward the future with hope and inspiration.

The Seaport Center is a hive of activity, with apprentices, staff, volunteers and the community at large all working together to ensure a brighter path for our apprentices. The Apprentice Program runs Monday thru Friday, 8:00AM 4:00PM. We invite you to stop by for a visit and meet some of the apprentices who are impacted by the Seaport Foundation’s nationally recognized program.

Learn more about our Apprentice Program and apply to become an Apprentice.

Explore the Alexandria Seaport Foundation:

We impact lives.

Apprentices, families, volunteers, community members, visitors.
Every day, the Seaport Foundation’s work impacts someone’s life.
We call it the Ripple Effect.

We support Alexandria’s maritime history.

The Alexandria Seaport Foundation partners with a number of local organizations to highlight our community’s maritime history.

Visit the following pages for more information:

Tall Ship Providence Foundation

Alexandria Archaeology

Office of Historic Alexandria

Row With Us! The Seaport Foundation’s work is enriched through volunteers of all kinds. Learn more about how you can get engaged.