Resilient individuals. Stronger families. Enriched communities. Handcrafted futures.

Our work with youth impacts their immediate futures, their next steps in life.

Our work also impacts families. When our Apprentices are more resilient, better decision makers and future-focused, they become beacons for the people who love them. They may become an inspiration for others in their families and for young people who live in their neighborhoods.

Volunteers who work with us find enrichment. They may find a new purpose. They may find a place where their skills take on special meaning. They all are humbled by what they learn by working with Apprentices.

The community of Alexandria is stronger because of the work we do. Organizations who work with struggling youth know that the Seaport Foundation has the resources to help. Youth who complete the Apprentice program will work, learn, and contribute in ways they may not have been able to before. Community members who know about our work are reassured that our youth who struggle have a safe haven where they can find their path.

By the numbers

By the numbers

(US Prison Bureau, 2017)
(Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Apprentice Success

In the past two years:

apprentices have entered military service


apprentices have continued their education


apprentices have entered the construction, building, or maritime trades

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