Who We Are

About Us

The Alexandria Seaport Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which was established in 1982 to honor the city’s maritime heritage and culture.  In 1993, ASF shifted its focus to serving at-risk youth through adult mentoring, project based learning and the building of wooden boats.

The Boat Building Apprenticeship Program is a nationally recognized workforce readiness program which helps at-risk youth, between the ages of 17-22, acquire the career, social skills and self-esteem to become productive, responsible adults.

The Apprentice Program is located at the Seaport Center, a floating timber frame located on the Potomac River in historic Alexandria, VA.  The building was built in 1998 by timber frame builder, Ted Benson and over 40 ASF friends and volunteers.

ASF’s Middle School Math Program uses project-based learning to improve the skills of middle school students identified by their teachers as at risk of failing math.  Through the building of small projects such as cigar box guitars, skateboards and model boats, students increase math competency and improve overall academic performance.The Middle School Math Program takes place on site at local middle schools, both in the classroom and after school.