Who We Are

About Us

At ASF, we change lives. We teach, guide, and mentor young adults who need a new path. We are community members with a mission to give a second chance to youth who have struggled to succeed.

We provide that second chance through the craft of woodworking and traditional boat building. We teach skills, build confidence, instill self-esteem, listen, guide, and provide positive community.

The Apprentice Program is a nationally recognized workforce readiness program that helps youth between the ages of 18 and 22 acquire the career skills, social skills and self-esteem to become productive, responsible adults.

The Apprentice Program is located at the McIlhenny Seaport Center, a floating timber frame located on the Potomac River in historic Alexandria, VA. The building was built in 1998 by timber frame builder, Ted Benson and over 40 ASF friends and volunteers.

Please visit our Volunteer Opportunities page for information about how to get involved with ASF.