"Building Boats ... Building Lives"

ASF is recruiting Apprentices for 2019!

Apply today by filling out an application here:

Apprentice Application

Or contacting Jay Helinski at helinski@alexandriaseaport.org

Please give generously. Your donation helps ASF apprentices change the course of their lives. Please give generously.

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What People Are Saying

Teach a young man to build a boat, and he might just end up changing his life.”

– Brian Williams, NBC Nightly News.

Having spent most of my life witnessing what is phony and what is real, I can attest that this program is real – it changes lives.”

– Fred Geiger, Volunteer

“I couldn’t see into this future they kept telling me about,” he says. “That was too far away. But I could see the boat I was working on take shape, and I could see my new life.”

– ASF Apprentice

“My son began his apprenticeship at ASF immediately after being released from prison. Needless to say, he desperately needed the structure and stability that the program offered, in addition to the mentorship and guidance offered by caring adults. He was allowed to grow as an individual in whatever ways were appropriate to him. He was taught many things, but most importantly, he was taught by example how to live a successful and productive life.”

– ASF Parent