Recent Updates

Apprentice Update!

Xavier is an apprentice currently enrolled in ASF’s Apprentice Program, making huge strides toward his goal of becoming socially, academically and emotionally prepared for success in the workforce.

Since arriving at the Alexandria Seaport Foundation, there has been a sea of change in Xaviar’s confidence and self-esteem.  Through many challenges, he has stayed true to himself and his passions, finding a part-time job aligned with his interests and persevering when some of the tasks/projects in the Apprentice Program appeared out of his reach.

Xavier used the carpentry skills he acquired at ASF to carve a medallion for his cousin over Christmas.  He wore the medallion to a part-time job interview (against his mother’s wishes!), and the business owner immediately took interest in him.  The interview lasted about 5 minutes, and Xaviar began his new part-time job the next day!  He has also just obtained his driver’s license, something he had  given up on when he failed the parallel parking portion.

Xavier has gone from giving up to persevering!