Build A Boat

Community and Family Boatbuilding


Community and Family Boatbuilding is a unique opportunity to build your own Bevin’s Skiff rowboat — no experience necessary!  The following materials will help you conduct your own community boatbuilding event, whether you plan to build one boat or many. The boat can be completed in two days.

About the Bevin’s Skiff


Type: Skiff
Length: 12 ft
Width: 4.5 ft
Weight: 120 lbs.
Capacity: 460 lbs. and limitless fun!

Video: How To Run a Family Boat Building Event – 18 MB (WMV)

Sample Advertising/Application Documents

Items Needed at the Event

Family Boatbuilding Examples

Corporate Partnership Program

The Corporate Partnership Program has been designed to introduce corporations and other organizations to the programs and mission of the Alexandria Seaport Foundation. By working alongside our apprentices and volunteers, this hands-on experience building boats will provide the individual/corporation insight into a day in the life of an ASF apprentice. The experience is intended to provide corporations, and their employees, an awareness of the challenges that our apprentices face and the life-changing impact of our programs. These events can be scheduled either during the week, or on Saturdays.

Team Boat Building

This event is designed as a team building experience to help organizations better work with one another. The objective of this one-day program is to build trust, commitment and a sense of pride and accomplishment by building a boat in one day. Team Boat Building offers a flexible platform from which many group dynamics can be experienced, reinforced, and demonstrated. Our facilitators will work with you to customize the day’s events to best support your group objectives.